title Ganga Sagar Janakpur

Tue, Oct 03, 2023

Ganga Sagar Janakpur

Ganga Sagar, one of the historical ponds in Janakpur, is situated near to the Janak Mahal. This pond is named after the famous holy river in India – Ganga Sagar. It is said that the water of this pond is brought all the way from Ganga Sagar of India, so it is also considered as a sacred pond. It holds an important significance among the Hindus, where homage is paid to different gods and goddesses. This pond is regarded as an important tourist destination and cool place of the Janakpur along with Dhanush Sagar.


Until seven years ago, this pond used to look like a pile of wastes; however, the initiation brought by the villagers and the cleaning campaign launched by them have now changed Ganga Sagar into a crucial tourist destination in Nepal. Every local believes that the beginning of the campaign changed them a lot as they totally avoided throwing garbage in the pond and they still stick by this rule.


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